Our approach.

Evori Ltd. is a technology and internet venture studio, investing and building exceptional products currently focused on E-commerce, Family tech and Financial services. 

Evori operates as a studio, which builds products internally until they show a reasonable level of traction and adoption, at which stage they are launched as separate companies, while Evori continues to provide services to support their growth.


Current interests


We believe that e-commerce is the future of commerce. Currently we are in the very early stages of e-commerce and we are excited about what's to come in the future. 

Family tech

As the world becomes more borderless, families will be increasingly separated by distance. Our interest is in helping families, all over the world, connect and communicate better. 

data and analytics

With more and more data becoming available to companies, there are many opportunities to extract actionable intelligence from it. We are currently working in the financial auditing space.